Microsoft Power Platform

  • This Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900) certification exam training program includes a video course and several objective-based practice test questions intended to improve your productivity in the Power Platform.
  • Our certification video course focuses on preparing you to clear the PL- 900 certification exam and improve productivity in analyzing data and creating the right user experience.
  • Enroll in our exhaustive PL-900 certification exam training course and get access to newly updated PL 900 exam questions which help for PL-900 certification exam preparation.
After completing our course, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrable the capabilities of core components such as Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps on the Power Platform.
  • Identify and describe components such as Microsoft Dataverse, Azure, and Connectors.
  • Understand the business value of the Power Platform components
  • Integrate data with Microsoft Dataverse and data connectors
  • Create Model-driven Power apps
  • Building chatbots with Power Virtual Agents
  • Easily pass the Power Platform Fundamentals (PL - 900) certification exam
There are no prerequisites to the PL-900 certification exam. However, it is favorable if you have:
  • A basic understanding of the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure services
  Also, it can be quite advantageous if you have basic programming skills.
The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900) certification is an exam that tests the ability to improve the candidate's productivity by understanding the capabilities of the various Power Platform components such as automating simple business processes, analyzing data models, and building chatbots. The PL-900 certification exam focuses on:
  • Describing the business value of Power Platform
  • Identifying the core components of Power Platform
  • Describing the business value of Power Apps
  • Describing the business value of Power Automate
  • Describing the business value of Power BI
  • Demonstrating the business value of Power Virtual Agents
  The Whizlabs PL-900 practice tests push the candidate's thinking-based learning and problem-based learning capabilities to their limit. The PL-900 exam helps in improving the candidate's productivity when it comes to analyzing the capabilities of the various Power Platform components. Our well-structured training modules with PL 900 practical exam questions focus on real-world challenges that help candidates be well-prepared for the PL 900 certification and clear the real Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam.
  • Learn to automate business processes and stay ahead of the competition
  • Deploying chatbots on your website will help continuous feedback with clients
  • Building dashboards can give valuable and profitable business insights
  • Implementing AI builders help in tracking the client's sentiment
  • You will be recognized as an established Microsoft-certified professional.
  • Our Power Platform Fundamentals certification training program will undoubtedly add value to your technical and business career.
  • You will be able to demonstrate the application of the Power Platform tools in the business sense.
  • Learn to implement both technical and business solutions with Power Apps, Power BI, and Microsoft Automate.
The PL-900 exam is the perfect choice for Power Platform professionals who wish to take it up a notch in their career level and build their Power tools. The Power Platform Fundamentals will push you to dive deeper into Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Power Automate, and design tools that cater to your needs. The PL-900 certification can be a great addition to your profile if you are a:
  • Microsoft Power Platform Developer
  • Power Platform Technical Lead
  In addition, the Power Platform Fundamentals can be pretty valuable for solution consultants or in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Our practice tests include two full-length PL 900 mock tests covering 110 UNIQUE objective questions and one free test with 15 questions. You will also have unlimited access to 5 additional tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses when preparing for the exam. Our questions are similar to the actual Microsoft Fundamentals PL-900 certification exam. Instead of downloading PL 900 exam dumps, we highly appreciate you attending our practice tests for gaining proficient knowledge in PL 900 fundamentals. Take up these mock exams and practice for the real PL-900 exam.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
Practice Tests
  • Practice Test 1
    55 questions
  • Practice Test 2
    55 questions
Section Tests
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Virtual Agents
    6 questions
  • Describe the business value of Microsoft Power Platform
    5 questions
  • Identify the core components of Microsoft Power Platform
    5 questions
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI
    5 questions
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Apps
    4 questions
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Automate
    6 questions
The video course gives you unlimited access to over 56 lectures with 8+ hours of video content covering the entire PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam syllabus. Our experts and instructors shall cover all the topics with explanations to help you prepare and pass the PL-900 Fundamentals exam.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
       Lesson 01
  • Introduction to Power Platform
    3m 4s
  • Introduction to Power BI
    3m 27s
  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Virtual Agent
    1m 18s
  • Business Value of Power Platform
    2m 59s
  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Microsoft 365 and Power Platform
    1m 56s
  • Third Party Apps, Azure and Power Platform
    3m 20s
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    6m 17s
  • Features of Power Platform
    1m 38s
  • Introduction to Microsoft Data verse
    1m 54s
  • Data Connector and AI Builder
    2m 48s
  • Data Sources
    6m 27s
  • Connectors
    10m 20s
  • Create Custom Connectors
    3m 37s
  • Compliance and Data Privacy
    10m 10s
  • Accessibility and Manage
    5m 27s
Lesson 02
  • Overview of Power Apps
    10m 24s
  • Environment in Power Apps and their Types
    11m 27s
  • Security and Administration
    6m 32s
  • Types of Power Apps
    9m 28s
  • Reusable Components and Component Library
    5m 40s
  • AI Model in Power Apps
    9m 50s
  • Impact of Power Apps
    5m 59s
Lesson 03
  • Introduction to Dataverse
    8m 18s
  • Open Data Initiative
    3m 48s
  • Dataverse for Teams
    4m 10s
  • Dataverse Functionality
    11m 7s
  • Dataverse API & Connector
    4m 4s
  • Identify Tables & Columns
    9m 57s
  • Environments and Administer
    10m 31s
Lesson 04
Lesson 05
  • Introduction to model driven app_part_01
    4m 59s
  • Components of model driven app_ part_02
    14m 7s
  • Desinging model driven app _ part_03
    14m 51s
  • Create model driven app_ part_04
    4m 55s
  • Control security and share_ part_05
Lesson 06
  • Power apps portal_ part_01
    8m 44s
  • Get started with portal_ part_02
    25m 50s
  • How to use themes in portals_ part_03
    7m 23s
  • Security_ part_04
    23m 15s
Lesson 07
Lesson 08
  • Precap to Power BI
    7m 58s
  • Introduction to Power BI
    18m 44s
  • Working of Power BI
    3m 33s
Lesson 09
Topic-wise Content Distribution   Lab Activity 
  • Create a Dashboard in Power BI
  • Prepare data in Power BI
  • Our Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant PL-200 certification training module offers a video course and objective-based mock tests to boost your performance in the actual PL-200 exam.
  • The video demonstrates how to automate business processes with Power Automate, analyze data-driven models with Power BI, and take action with Power Apps.
  • Take our free practice test to assess your strengths and weaknesses before you attend the PL-200 certification.
When our PL-200 course ends, you will have learned:
  • The different Power Platform components: its configuration and uses
  • How to configure, deploy and implement business solutions with the Power Platform
  • How to automate simple business processes and flows in an organization
  • How to design and build basic chatbots to improve customer experience
  • The required skills to become an established Microsoft certified Power Platform Functional Consultant
There are no mandatory prerequisites to be completed before the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant certification. However, it is good if you have:
  • Foundational knowledge of the core components of the Power Platform
  • Basic understanding of model-driven applications
  • Skills to handle and customize Dynamic 365
  Also, it would help if you have experience as an IT professional or student in the related field.
Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code tool that helps businesses to analyze data (Power BI), act on it (Power Apps), and automate (Power Automate) their business processes and workflows. The PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant certification prepares specialists to help businesses effectively use Power Platform products and tools. The PL-200 exam measures the candidates skill in the following domains:
  • Configure Microsoft Dataverse (25-30%)
  • Design apps with Power Apps (20-25%)
  • Develop and manage Power Automate (15- 20%)
  • Integrate Power Apps (15-20%)
  • Implement basic chatbots with Power Virtual Agents (10-15%)
The Whizlabs Microsoft Power Platform PL-200 training course provides candidates with detailed insights on Power Platform. You will also learn about the different core components in the Power Platform with its configurations and uses. Furthermore, we will take you through the Microsoft Dataverse, where you will learn how to design models and integrate data. By the end of the PL-200 training course, you will have learned how to create basic AI with the AI builder. Our well-structured modules will give insights on the various Power Apps and teach you how to configure and design them when it comes to real-world challenges. This will help you be well-prepared for the PL-200 certification.
  • Identify the domains where the Power Platform configurations can be implemented in a business.
  • Design technical solutions with Dataverse and core Power Platform components
  • Stay ahead of the competition and improve your chance to work with global companies.
Become a certified Microsoft Power Platform Solutions Consultant and stay ahead of the learning curve. Numerous job roles benefit from the PL-200 training course. Some of the notable ones are listed below:
  • Power Platform Functional Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Power BI professional
  • DevOps professional
  • Data Scientist
  • Solutions Architect
  • IT Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
Whizlabs training modules will push you to dig deeper into the topics, which in turn will improve your problem-based and thinking-based capabilities for the actual exam. Candidates are also given objective-based practice tests to familiarise themselves with the PL-200 exam format.
The practice tests include two mock exams covering more than 110 UNIQUE objective questions and one free trial with 15 questions to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses before preparing for the exam. Our in-house subject matter experts prepare the questions and are very similar to the real Microsoft Power Platform PL-200 exam.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
   Free Test
  • Free Test
    20 questions
Practice Tests
  • Practice Test 1
    55 questions
  • Practice Test 2
    55 questions
Section Tests
  • Additional Questions
         13 questions
Our video course gives you unlimited access to over 78 covering all topics in the PL-200 Microsoft Power Platform PL-200 exam syllabus. Our experts and instructors will cover all the topics with explanations to help you prepare and pass the PL-200 Functional Consultant exam.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
         Lesson 1
  • Part 1-Introduction in data verse- I
    12m 49s
  • Part 2- Introduction in data verse- II
    17m 32s
  • Part 3 - Management of permission administration of data verse
    6m 40s
  • Part 4- Business rules and rollup fields in data verse
    6m 8s
  • Create an instance of Microsoft Data verse database
    2m 45s
  • Create & manage an environment
  • Create a custom security role
    1m 32s
  • Add users and roles within an environment
Lesson 2
  • Part 1 -Overview of power apps
    6m 21s
  • Part 2- Power Apps with different platforms
    4m 16s
  • Part 3 - Ways to build Power Apps
    3m 16s
  • Part 4- Why to use Power Apps
    12m 24s
  • Part 5- Designing Power Apps
    9m 29s
  • Part 6 - Customization of Power Apps
    10m 15s
  • Part 7 - How to manage Apps in Power Apps
    6m 47s
  • Part 8 - Model Driven Applications
    12m 51s
  • Part 9 - Model driven Apps and Canvas Apps
    18m 28s
  • Part 10- Configure Dashboard
    11m 28s
  • Create canvas app
    8m 23s
  • Create an app from a template
    1m 54s
  • Improve apps by making basic customizations in Power apps
  • Delete Canvas App
    1m 51s
Lesson 3
Lesson 04
  • Part 1- Power Platform- I
    12m 49s
  • Part 2 - Power Platform - II
    13m 34s
  • Part 3 - Manage solutions with Power Apps and Power Automate- I
    11m 4s
  • Part 4 - Manage solutions with Power Apps and Power Automate- II
    17m 1s
  • Part 5 - Best practices for building DLP change management plans
    11m 43s
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
  • Part 1 - Power Virtual Agent Bot
    18m 19s
  • Part 2 - Create & analyze Topic
    25m 55s
  • Part 3 - Analyze Bot performance
    3m 54s
  • Part 4 - Manage topics in Power Virtual Agents- I
    18m 11s
  • Part 5 - Manage topics in Power Virtual Agents- II
    12m 54s
  • Part 6 - Manage Power Virtual Agents
    8m 44s
  • Tour of Power Virtual dashboard
    2m 27s
  • Create a Bot
    1m 29s
  • Create a form processing Model
    2m 9s
Lesson 7

Note: "DA-100 has been expired, this course has been renamed to PL-300"

  • Gain an expert understanding of data analysis using the Microsoft Power BI platform picture of the DA-100 exam format from our practice tests to ace the exam confidently.
  • Learn Valuable Power BI Skills
The Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) certification is an intermediate-level certification for Microsoft Power Platform. While preparing for this exam you will be designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations. You will also gain the expertise to work collaboratively with key stakeholders and teams to deliver relevant business insights. Upon completing this exam you get the certificate credibility and can demonstrate your Power BI skills to maximize the value of your data assets.
  • Preparing and Modeling the Data
  • Visualizing and Analyzing the Data
  • Deploy and Maintain Deliverables
Before you take up the Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) certification exam, Microsoft recommends that you have the following skills for data analysts:
  • Fundamental understanding of data repositories and data processing on both on-premises and cloud.
  • Understanding core data concepts.
  • Knowledge of working with relational data in the cloud.
  • Knowledge of working with non-relational data in the cloud.
  • Knowledge of data analysis and visualization concepts.
By earning the DA-100 certification you will be:
  • Able to perform end-to-end data analysis using Microsoft Power BI to deliver exceptional business insights.
  • Able to perform end-to-end data analysis using Microsoft Power BI to deliver exceptional business insights.
  • Getting a higher salary around $105,000 on average according to ZipRecruiter.
  • If you are a data analyst or a data scientist who wants to learn data analysis and visualizations using Power BI then this certification is a must-have for you.
  • If you are a Microsoft Power Platform developer or Power BI developer then you can gain immense knowledge from this certification.
  • If you are any IT professional with fundamental knowledge of data concepts aspiring to start a career in Power BI then earning this certification is very important.
In this course, you will get unlimited access to a total of 6 practice tests. Among these 6 tests, 2 practice tests have 55 unique questions each and the remaining 5 practice tests have 5 unique case study questions. Take up these DA-100 practice tests to get a good understanding and prepare.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
  • Free Test
    15 questions
Practice Tests
  • Practice Test 1
    55 questions
  • Practice Test 2
    55 questions
Section Tests
This Microsoft Power BI Masterclass will train how to use MS Power BI - a business analytics tool designed to accomplish tasks such as analyzing data and generating powerful insights. In addition, we shall train you how to connect to data services, create visualizations, integrate Excel data in Power BI, among others, during the course period.
In the Whizlabs Microsoft Power BI Masterclass you will learn to:
  • Question the obtained data on the Power Q & A engine.
  • Create 3D visualizations of the received data on the Power Map.
  • Create separate data models to get more insightful data with Power Pivot.
  • Generate graphs, maps, and charts from the received information on Power View.
  • Collect, transform, combine, and enhance the data obtained from various sources with Power Query.
  • Use advanced DAX variables and functions to make powerful calculations.
There are no prerequisites to take up this Microsoft Power BI training course, though we recommend,
  • Have a computer with Windows operating system.
  • Experience in Excel has an added advantage.
  • While having fair knowledge of data analytics is good, it is not mandatory. Anyone willing to learn, improve and explore opportunities can take up this course.
In our video course, you will learn how to use Microsoft Power BI - a business analytics tool designed to analyze data and share their insights. It is a robust tool that helps you create valuable insights and dashboards. Our Masterclass covers all essential features in Power BI, with which you will be able to develop impactful insights which can help in the decision-making process. This Microsoft Power BI training course enables you to master self-service business intelligence in a short amount of time. Our guided training course will teach you how to:
  • Analyze data from various sources.
  • Build impactful reports and dashboards.
  • Master advanced DAX functions.
  • Advanced features that will help you to dive deeper into Power BI
  • Use DAX functions to make advanced calculations.
  • Design and publish Power BI dashboards and data reports.
  • Back your business decisions with robust data.
Most businesses and professionals dealing with data have started using Microsoft Power BI. Organizations are drastically looking for skilled professionals who can analyze data from various sources and create profitable insights into the business. This is why learning this tool can be an excellent choice for you. Whizlabs training will qualify you for those high-paying jobs and drive you to grow your career rapidly.
  • Process high quantity data input seamlessly, unlike other platforms.
  • Prioritize trends and derive calculative predictions.
  • Derive impactful insights from the collected data.
  • Integrate with other management tools such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365.
  • Ensures data security while providing users with accessibility control on external and internal aspects within the business
  • The course can also help you in the Power BI certification later.
  • Anybody who is looking to upgrade their skill set or explore a new opportunity in business analytics
  • CEOs or CIOs who wish to derive valuable insights from different data sources to make impactful business decisions.
  • Professionals who are looking for that competitive edge in the world of tomorrow:
  • Business Analysts who want to add a technical edge to their Analytics capabilities.
  • Project Managers, Reporting Managers, and Business Executives who want to understand data analytics.
  • Developers, Solution Architects, and Data Analysts to take their career to next level
  • Subject Matter Experts, Excel users, and IT Professionals to generate the power of data.
  • Easy to get started with: Power BI gives users insights quickly thanks to its simple setup that allows integration of other platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Google Analytics, among others.
  • Data tracked in real-time: The Power BI dashboards, which are updated in real-time, allow you to identify opportunities or solve obstacles and make informed business decisions at the earliest.
  • Customized navigation on Power BI application: The custom navigation feature gives users the power to find and access the content quicker.
  • Set security filters on data reports: Users can also create security access filters to restrict people from accessing critical data reports.
  • Efficient publication and distribution: Report developers can upload the insights and data reports to the Power BI, updated whenever there is a change in the original dataset.
The Microsoft Power BI course provides exhaustive coverage of all the topics, with 141 lectures spanning more than 9 hours of training videos. Also, you will have unlimited access to the training content.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
 Introduction to Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI
    6m 5s
  • Download and Install Power BI Desktop
    2m 56s
  • User Interface of Power BI Desktop
    4m 19s
  • Upgrade New Features in Power BI Desktop
    2m 14s
  • Introduction to Data Sets
    3m 1s
Introduction to Basic Visuals
  • Introduction to Basic Visuals
    1m 12s
  • Creating a Column Chart
    5m 7s
  • Creating a Stacked Column Chart
    7m 36s
  • Creating a Pie Chart
    4m 45s
  • Creating a Donut Chart
    3m 20s
  • Creating a Decomposition tree
    4m 48s
  • Creating a Ribbon Chart
    2m 58s
  • Save a File
    1m 42s
Tables and Matrix in Power BI
Presenting Geographical Data in Maps
  • Introduction to Maps in Power BI
    1m 15s
  • Creating a Basic Map
    7m 47s
  • Creating a Filled Map
    3m 5s
  • Creating a Map with Pie Chart
    3m 31s
Cards and Filters
Creating Slicers in Power BI
  • Introduction to Slicers
    1m 26s
  • Creating a Text Slicers
    6m 43s
  • Formatting a Text Slicers
    6m 20s
  • Creating a Date Slicer
    9m 20s
  • Formatting a Date Slicer
    4m 8s
  • Changing Orientation of Date Slicers
    5m 59s
  • Creating a Number Slicer
    6m 3s
  • Sync Slicers
    4m 57s
Exploring Visuals in Power BI
  • Exploring More Visuals in Power BI
    2m 21s
  • Exploring timeline by Line Chart
    9m 13s
  • Drill down in Line Chart
    6m 4s
  • Creating an Area Chart
    4m 2s
  • Line vs Column Chart
    5m 52s
  • Scatter Plot with Animation
    8m 15s
  • Creating a Waterfall Chart
    3m 54s
  • Creating a TreeMap
    3m 40s
  • Creating a Guage Chart
    6m 33s
Advanced Visuals in Power BI Desktop
  • Introduction to Advanced Visuals in Power BI
    2m 28s
  • Creating account on Power BI Service
    5m 38s
  • Creating Drill down donut Chart
    4m 49s
  • Creating Drill down Column Chart
    3m 44s
  • Creating a Word Cloud
    3m 17s
  • Creating a Sankey Chart
    3m 40s
  • Creating Infographic Chart
    4m 50s
  • Creating a Play Axis Chart
    4m 35s
  • Creating a Scroller
    5m 56s
  • Creating a Sunburst Chart
    3m 54s
  • Creating Animated Bar Chart Race
    3m 15s
Objects and actions in Power BI
  • Objects and Actions in Power BI
    1m 24s
  • Insert Image in Power BI
    4m 17s
  • Insert Text in Power BI
    3m 13s
  • Insert Shapes in Power BI
    5m 3s
  • Insert Buttons in Power BI
    6m 31s
  • Bookmark Action in Power BI
    6m 9s
  • Drillthrough Action in Power BI
    5m 30s
Power BI Service Introduction
  • Introduction to Power BI Service
    1m 50s
  • Create an Account on Power BI Service
    4m 20s
  • Publish Report to Power BI Service Account
    3m 37s
  • Comment, Share and Subscribe to Power BI Report
    5m 7s
  • Export Power BI Report to PPT, PDF or PBIX
    3m 10s
  • Develop a Dashboard
    6m 9s
  • Problem and Solution of Power BI Dashboard
    3m 12s
  • Scheduling Refresh of Data
    7m 44s
Power Query - Text Functions
  • Introduction to Power Query
    1m 23s
  • Merge Columns in Power Query (Excel)
    7m 19s
  • Split and Trim in Power Query (Excel)
    6m 35s
  • Upper,Lower and ProperCase in Power Query (Excel)
    2m 53s
  • Left,Right and Mid Functions in Power Query (Power BI)
    9m 34s
  • Prefix and Suffix in Power Query (Power BI)
    3m 52s
  • Extract Text with Delimiters
    4m 51s
Power Query - Date Functions
Power Query - Number Functions
Power Query - Append Queries
  • Introduction to Power Query - Append Queries
    1m 55s
  • Append CSV files in Power Query
    7m 39s
  • Append Excel Tables in Excel and Power BI
    6m 43s
  • Append Excel Tables within Excel
    6m 9s
  • Append different data sources in Power Query
    4m 15s
  • Append Excel files in Power Query
    7m 58s
Power Query - Merge Queries
  • Merge Datasets
    1m 42s
  • Merge Tables in Power Query
    4m 16s
  • Merge Tables from two Excel files
    3m 40s
  • Merge data from different data sources
    4m 8s
  • Merge data
    4m 14s
Power Query - Conditional Columns
  • Conditional Column and Column from example in Power BI
    1m 10s
  • Conditional Column - Example 1
    3m 30s
  • Conditional Column - Example 2
    3m 36s
  • Conditional Column - Example 3
    4m 47s
  • Column from examples Or Flash Fill - Example 1
    4m 7s
  • Column from examples Or Flash Fill - Example 2
    3m 16s
  • Column from examples Or Flash Fill - Example 3
    4m 22s
  • Column from examples Or Flash Fill - Example 4
    3m 3s
Power Query - Bonus Section
  • Very Important Topics in Power Query (Power BI)
    1m 43s
  • Fill Down in Power BI
    3m 2s
  • Grouping in Power Query (Power BI)
    4m 31s
  • Transpose in Power Query (Power BI)
    3m 32s
  • Unpivot In Power Query (Power BI)
  • Data Types in Power Query (Power BI)
    4m 55s
  • Fixing Errors in Power Query
    2m 47s
  • Keep and Remove Rows in Power Query
    4m 48s
  • Managing Columns in Power Query
    4m 9s
Introduction to Power Pivot
  • Introduction to Power Pivot
  • Create a Data Model in Power BI
    7m 18s
  • Using RELATED Function
    3m 4s
Power Pivot - DAX Functions
Time Intelligence Functions
  • 2 full-length practice exams with a total of 130+ unique practice questions to get a complete idea of the Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL- 400)exam.
  • 86 Video Lectures created by a certified Microsoft Certified expert.
  • Master the development skills such as designing, developing, securing, and troubleshooting the Microsoft Power Platform solutions.
  • Become an expert Microsoft Power Platform Developer and confidently pass the PL-400 certification exam in one go.
The Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) is an intermediate-level certification exam from Microsoft. This certification is popular among the Microsoft Power Platform developer communities. By preparing for this certification you get the credibility and can validate your Power Platform solutions skills such as implementing components of a solution, application enhancements, custom user experience, system integrations, data conversions, custom process automation, and custom visualizations.
You will also gain strong applied knowledge of Power Platform services, an in-depth understanding of capabilities, boundaries, and constraints. Once you understand and master these concepts you can easily become a successful Microsoft Power Platform developer.
  • Creating a technical architecture
  • Configuring Microsoft Dataverse
  • Managing and Troubleshooting Power Apps
  • Configuring Business Process Automation
  • Developing integrations
The Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) is an intermediate-level certification so Microsoft recommends that you have these skills:
  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Basic understanding of DevOps practices for Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Development experience in JavaScript, JSON, TypeScript, C#, HTML, .NET, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, RESTful Web Services, ASP.NET, and Power BI.
  • If you are an application developer or an administrator then you can get all the necessary skills to become a Power Platform Developer from this exam.
  • If you are an IT professional with knowledge of Microsoft Power Platform or have worked minimally then this is an optimal choice.
  • Also, if you are an aspiring Power Platform developer or a business analyst, or a functional consultant then earning this certification is highly beneficial to your career.
In this Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) practice test, you will get unlimited access to 2 practice tests with 55 unique questions in each test. These practice tests are designed by our Power Platform expert team to ensure that you get familiarity with the actual exam format.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
  • Free Test
    20 questions
Practice Tests
  • Practice Test 1
    55 questions
  • Practice Test 2
    55 questions
Section Tests
In this Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) video course, you will get a total of 86 exhaustive lectures with 11+ hours of video content that cover the entire Microsoft Power Platform (PL-400) certification exam objectives. Also regularly revisit lectures to brush up your knowledge and hands-on demo videos to reinforce your knowledge.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
 Power Apps
  • Creating First App
    3m 11s
  • Creating Sample Visio Wireframe of an App
    6m 43s
  • Features of power apps
    4m 59s
  • Lesson-01-Part'-01
    11m 8s
  • Lesson-01-Part'-02
  • Lesson-01-Part'-03
    8m 45s
Canvas app and Model Driven Apps in Power Apps
  • Control security when sharing model driven apps
    3m 13s
  • Create custom table and import data
    4m 6s
  • Create and Manage model driven app
    3m 23s
  • explore sample template apps
    4m 13s
  • Manage app versions and share apps in power apps
    2m 15s
  • Lesson-02-Part_1
    8m 36s
  • Lesson-02-Part_2
    14m 17s
  • Lesson_02-Part_3
    15m 46s
Microsoft Power Platform Tenants and Instances
Dynamics 365 clients and Ms Power Platform Mobile management
  • Create and run task flows
    3m 6s
  • Lesson_04_Part_01
    12m 38s
  • Lesson_04_Part_02
    7m 49s
Power Automate
  • Create your first flow
    2m 33s
  • Receive text and email notifications from flows
    2m 3s
  • Copy files with flows
    2m 30s
  • Create recurring flow
    3m 54s
  • Send an email when a tweet is posted
    3m 3s
  • Create team flow
    1m 40s
  • Build an approval request
    9m 40s
  • Build a flow that processes an approval request
    3m 49s
  • Create a flow that stores documents
    6m 27s
  • Build a flow that uses information like locations or date
    2m 10s
  • Build a flow accepts user input when run
    4m 13s
  • Learn to build a flow that runs at recurring time intervals
    2m 49s
  • create a flow that runs when an event occurs in Dynamics 365
    3m 8s
  • Integrate Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint
    2m 6s
  • Create a business process flow
    6m 59s
  • Monitor flows
    2m 31s
  • Export and import flows
    3m 28s
  • Use AI Builder actions in Power Automate
    8m 18s
  • Lesson_05_Part_01
    11m 56s
  • Lesson_05_Part_02
  • Lesson_05_Part_03
    12m 9s
Process Advisor
  • create and edit recordings
    5m 1s
  • lesson_06_Part_01
    6m 46s
  • lesson_06_Part_02
    12m 43s
Analytics Report in Power BI
Integration in Power Platform and Data Verse
  • Interact with Microsoft Dataverse Web API by using Postman
    10m 7s
  • Registering Dataverse apps with Azure AD
    2m 58s
  • Set up Azure Service Bus environment
    7m 26s
  • Write an Azure Function that processes Microsoft Dataverse events
    4m 6s
  • Lesson_08_Part_01
    6m 5s
  • Lesson_08_Part_02
    10m 4s
  • Lesson_08_Part_03
    6m 45s
  • Lesson_08_Part_04
    12m 6s
Power Apps Component Frameworks
Administer Power App Portals
  • Configure SSL Certificates
    1m 53s
  • Document management with SharePoint
    3m 49s
  • Integration with Power BI
    2m 53s
  • Lesson_10_Part_01
    11m 30s
  • Lesson_10_Part_02
    8m 8s
  • Lesson_10_Part_03
    13m 52s
  • Lesson_10_Part_04
    7m 21s
Extend Power Apps portals
  • Add advanced client-side functionality
    9m 7s
  • Use a table list and table form
    7m 10s
  • Lesson_11_Part_01
    9m 44s
  • Lesson_11_Part_02
    10m 2s
  • Lesson_11_Part_03
    8m 54s
  • Lesson_11_Part_04
    10m 8s
  • Lesson_11_Part_05
    6m 55s
This Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) training course helps you build applications with low-code techniques to simplify, transform, and automate business processes and tasks using Microsoft Power Platform
  • 2 Full-Length Mock Exams (110 Unique Questions)
  • Objective-based Practice Tests
  • Exhaustive Explanation with every question
  • Reports to assess strengths & weaknesses
  • Unlimited Access
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Free Test
  • Free Test
    15 questions
Practice Tests
Section Tests
PL 600 course prepares you for the Microsoft Solution Architect certification exam. A Microsoft solution architect understands the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 customer interaction apps, related Microsoft cloud solutions, and other third-party technologies from a functional and technical standpoint. Throughout an engagement, a solution architect employs his or her knowledge and experience. To improve the value of the customer's investment and support organizational health, the solution architect does proactive and preventative work. Solution architects know the Power Platform's functional and technical disciplines and possess the ability to spot corporate problem-solving prospects. By the end of this course, participants will be able to enhance their skills on the Power platform, in addition, they can also prepare and take up the Microsoft certification on PL-200.
Candidates should have a working knowledge of Power Apps and Dynamics 365 apps.
Anyone who wants to enhance their skills on Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 apps and Microsoft cloud-related solutions.
The solution architect certification gives you an edge over the other candidates. As per the data, the average salary for a solution architect is around $99,000 in the United States. The solution architects are highly in demand as they are in charge of directing successful deployments and focusing on how solutions address wider business and organizational issues and business's technological requirements. In larger organizations, the enterprise architect will frequently rely on the solution architect to ensure that the solution being developed is compatible with the organization's overall aims. ​
At Whizlabs, the PL-600 course covers all the aspects of the power platform and Dynamics 365 app along with many other leading concepts that are covered in detail. Whizlabs will guide you on each step during the course, and with the demonstrations bundled with the lessons, you will get a first-hand experience of what is expected from a solution architect. Our course has been developed by qualified and experienced trainers specifically for the Microsoft Power platform and Dynamics 365 core. So Hurry & enroll today at Whizlabs!!
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Free Test
  • Free Test
    20 questions
Practice Tests
  • Practice Test 1
    55 questions
  • Practice Test 2
    55 questions
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Becoming a solution architect
  • Introduction to becoming a solution architect & procuct and platform expertise
    11m 36s
  • Solution architect's ecpectations & foundation of solution architect
    18m 57s
  • Adminster dynamic 365
    3m 55s
  • Install apss with dynamics 365 admin center
    2m 30s
Discovering Customer Needs and proposing solution
  • intro to customer discovery
    13m 35s
  • Proposing a solution and identifying component and developing and validating demo
    22m 50s
  • Power automate desktop tour
    13m 45s
Working with requirement and perform fit gap analysis
  • Working with requirement and lead requirement
    7m 28s
  • Identifying functional requirement and fit gap analysis
  • Evaluate dynamics and microsoft power platforms- part 1
    16m 16s
  • Evaluate dynamics and microsoft power platforms - part 2
    11m 43s
Implement project govarnance for power platforms and dynamics
  • Intro to project goverance
    9m 53s
  • Keeping a project on track
    5m 25s
Power Platform Architecture
  • Introduction to Power Platform
    4m 57s
  • Environment & working with Data- part 1
    11m 3s
  • Environment & working with Data- Part 2
    6m 31s
  • Custom logic and platform limit
    9m 1s
  • Power Automate Flows- part 1
    13m 10s
  • Power Automate Flows- part 2
    13m 23s
  • Create your first flow
    2m 22s
  • Add user role within an environment
    1m 11s
  • build an approval request
    9m 38s
  • create a business process flow
    7m 10s
  • create a custom security role
    1m 34s
  • create a flow that stores documents
    6m 27s
  • create an app from a template
    2m 19s
  • create and manage an environment
    1m 8s
  • create canvas app
    14m 18s
  • create recurring flow
    4m 2s
  • create team flow
    1m 36s
  • delete canvas app
    2m 18s
  • improve apps by making basic customization
    2m 15s
  • monitor flows
    2m 13s
  • send an email when a tweet is posted
    3m 9s
Power Virtual Agents
Robotic Process Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation & Power Automate Desktop
    9m 44s
  • Record, edit tasks run desktop flows & Process Advisor
    7m 29s
  • copy of create and edit recording
    6m 23s
Model data and security for platform solutions
Evaluating power platform analytics and integration
Application Lifecycle management for microsoft power platforms
  • Introduction to ALM
    3m 42s
  • Key Consideration and solution for ALM- part 1
    8m 22s
  • Key Consideration and solution for ALM- part 2
    8m 3s
  • Configuration & release Process
    4m 19s
  • ALM with Azure Devops
    5m 15s
Testing and Go-live
This course for the PL-300 exam will help you in understanding the core concepts of Microsoft Data Analytics. Here you will learn about:
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Modeling of data in Power BI
  • Visualization of data in Power BI
  • Data Analysis in Power BI
It will brace you for the actual exam environment with the help of thoroughly researched content, prepared by the Power BI experts. The DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam will be getting expired by 31st, March 2022. Microsoft has replaced it with a new exam, that is, PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst. After passing this exam, you will earn the badge of Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate. The Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate certification will be renamed PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst on February 28, 2022.
  • A free test carrying 15 mock questions
  • 2 Practice Tests of 55 questions each
  • 4 Section Tests comprising 3 case studies and miscellaneous questions
  • Answers providing elaborate explanations for each question
  • Constant support from Power BI experts
  • Unrestricted lifetime accessibility for 2 years to the course
he exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst tests your knowledge of Power BI concepts. This certification is for you if you are able to:
  • Deliver actionable insights by making use of the data available and implementing domain expertise.
  • Work along with key stakeholders across verticals to recognize business requirements.
  • Clean, transform, design, and build the data using Power BI.
  • Dispense meaningful business value via easy-to-understand Data Visualisations.
  • Allow and support in performing Self-service Analytics.
  • Configure and Deploy Solutions.
The prerequisites for this certification involve,
  • Proficiency in using Power Query
  • Well-versed in writing expressions using DAX
  • Preparation of the Data: This part comprises 15-20% of the exam questions. It tests a candidate’s ability to assimilate data from different data sources. It includes profiling, cleaning, transformation, and loading of data.
  • Modeling of Data: This section covers around 30-35% of the certification. Data Modelling includes defining tables, relationship cardinality, and cross filter direction, creating model calculations by making use of DAX, hierarchies, calculated tables and columns, optimization of model performance, and more.
  • Visualization and Analysis of Data: This part carries 25-30% of the exam. It involves creating reports and dashboards, configuring bookmarks, interactions between visuals, identification of the trends and patterns, and more.
  • Deployment and Maintenance of Assets: This section includes 20-25% of the exam questions. It requires an understanding of the management of files and datasets, the configuration of workspace, subscription, and data alerts, certification of the content of Power BI, and more.
Topic-wise Content Distribution
Free Test
  • Free Test
    15 questions
Practice Tests
Section Tests